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Who are we?  What do we do?

Twoedged Sword Publications is a small non-denominational Christian publisher. We publish books that confirm a literal acceptance of God's Word within a framework of Biblically-correct Protestant belief. Although Scripture is often used figuratively and symbolically, God is not the author of confusion (1 Corinthians 14:33) and we believe that when the plain sense of Scripture is what is clearly intended, we should interpret that passage in a literal and straightforward manner. If we deny the literal meaning of Scripture, we deceive ourselves, and others.

Our books are written by faithful Christian authors who believe what the Bible says and who are committed to spreading the truth of God's Word.

Twoedged Sword Publications is a ministry, not a business. Although there is obviously scope for a book to make a profit, we do not consider that success or failure is determined by the number of books sold, but trust that God will use each book as He wills. If just one book is guided to the right person and results in a soul saved or a life re-aligned with the Lord's will, we consider this ministry to be worthwhile.

We only publish Biblically sound books and reserve the right to publish, or not, at our discretion.

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