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About print-on-demand books

Advantages of print-on-demand books

  • The publisher can pay the author a higher royalty percentage on books sold.

  • If the book fails to sell, the publisher has less to lose than with traditional lithographic printing.

  • There is no minimum print run. When someone orders your book, a single copy can be printed to fulfill that order.

  • The finished quality of a print-on-demand book is virtually indistinguishable from a traditionally printed book.

  • Your book can be printed in hardback, hardback with dust jacket, or paperback in a variety of standard book sizes.

  • Your book will be listed in the catalogues of the largest wholesalers, retailers and distributors in the book industry.

Disadvantages of print-on-demand books

  • Print-on-demand books have a higher retail price than traditionally printed books.

  • Depending on the book size and binding, the page count must be 48-740 pages, or 48-828 pages.

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