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The publishing process

What will Twoedged Sword Publications do for you?

The general process is set out below.

  1. We will prayerfully review a synopsis and sample chapter of your manuscript.

  2. If we are happy with the content of these, we will ask for the whole of your manuscript for review. We realize that not everybody is familiar with modern technology so although we prefer to have a manuscript both on paper and electronically, we will also accept manuscripts that are clearly handwritten or typed.

  3. We will prayerfully review the whole of your manuscript to ensure that it is Biblically sound. We may, at our discretion, suggest appropriate changes.

  4. If we accept your book for publication we will provide a quotation to cover the costs and time involved in publishing the book and we will send you two signed copies of our Terms and Conditions. If you agree to the Terms and Conditions, you must sign one copy and return it to us together with payment. The second copy is for you to keep.

  5. After discussion with you, we will decide on the finished book format and size.

  6. Upon receipt of the payment, signed Terms and Conditions, and proof of any copyright permissions, we will prepare your manuscript for publishing. Depending on the form of the manuscript this can be a lengthy process, especially if you send your manuscript in a non-electronic format.

  7. We will arrange suitable artwork for the cover or dust jacket, or you may supply your own.

  8. We will supply you with a hard copy printout of the processed manuscript and cover artwork for your approval.

  9. If the hard copy printout is satisfactory, we will send the processed manuscript and cover artwork to the printer and order a proof copy. We will assess the quality of the proof copy.

  10. If the proof copy is satisfactory, we will arrange for your book to be listed in book catalogues. It will then be available for purchase by the general public.

  11. We will send you a number of copies of your book. You may purchase further copies through us at a discount price.

  12. We will pay you royalties at the agreed rate on a three-monthly basis.

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