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How much will you pay me for my book?

Royalty payments

We will pay you a percentage of the price that we receive on sales of your book: the amount we receive is the wholesale price minus the printing cost. The royalty rate will vary according to the amount of work we have to do to publish your book. If we have to type your book from a handwritten manuscript, we will give you a lower royalty rate. If we receive your manuscript in suitable electronic format, we will give you a higher royalty rate. The royalty rate will usually be in the range of 25–45% of the price we receive.

We may, at our discretion, increase the royalty rate if your book sales exceed a certain level.

You will receive no royalties on books you purchase directly from us at a discount price.

We will pay royalties to authors at three-monthly intervals. If a royalty payment due to an author is less than £20, it is carried over until the cumulative amount due is over £20.

Advance payments

To keep our initial costs as low as possible we do not give an advance payment to authors.

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